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Musio di Tremosine

Overlooking Lake Garda, it is romantic village that preserve the peculiar features of an ancient hamlet. Worth a visit if you like hidden spot.


Another treasure of Tremosine, a lovely village surrounded by greenery outside the tourist destinations, surprises for its simplicity: an excellent example of how architecture and nature can be in perfect harmony.

In 1957, due to a landslide, the church and a part of the village were declared unsafe and were therefore abandoned. In the 1980s, Musio was reborn, the houses and the church were renovated and the village regained the charm of the past and a peasant life that relives in its stone houses, gardens and olive groves.

Elevation: 480 m

Patronal feast: 24 May



what to see

The old church dedicated to Saint Francesco di Paola was built in 1729. The altarpiece attributed to the painter Simone Brentana (1656-1742) is noteworthy. It portrays an Angel holding the inscription “Charitas”, the Madonna with Child, S. Francesco di Paola, S. Domenico and S. Antonio of Padua.

In the small square in front of the church of Musio there is an ancient fountain that was once used as a drinking trough for animals.

what to see

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