Tremosine sul Garda

Once upon a time there was, and there still is, an enchanted place where the Alps dive into the deep blue waters of Lake Garda and where the alpine landscape merges with the Mediterranean scenario.
A place where the charm of pristine nature feeds the spirit and where life flows peacefully and simply, according to the flow of the seasons. A place where each vacation becomes a magical and unforgettable experience.
Welcome to Tremosine sul Garda: a municipality of 18 hamlets, commonly known as Pieve,
which is the administrative center.


The perfect destination for water sports enthusiasts and more. Located on the shores of Lake Garda it is a great spot to enjoy several outdoor activities or simply relax.
Here you have all you need to spend a memorable vacation. Come to check it out!


On the top of a cliff excavated by the glacier with a breathtaking view of Lake Garda and a poetic atmosphere Pieve has been awarded “One of the most beautiful hamlet in Italy”. Discover the so-called “terraces of the thrill”, its alleys full of history and its gastronomy.


Surrounded by vineyards and colored by the frescoes in its streets, Arias is a tiny village located between the lake and the mountains. Among its alleys you can recognize the typical vaulted arch: an architectural structures of peasant buildings.


A tiny hamlet of Tremosine municipality that offers precious glimpses of the village of Pieve, the lake and the majestic Baldo. Passing point of our excursions to discover the territory.


Among the narrow streets of the charming village you can breathe an air of tranquility and peace while in the area there is no lack of opportunities to venture into excursions and outdoor activities.


Check out the historic center and its church and venture to discover the beautiful surroundings. From Pregasio there are some great walking itineraries, including the trail to reach Campione, on the lake shore. 


A village of other times that preserves the charm of the classic mountain farming villages. Surrounded by cultivated fields and woods, it offers excellent opportunities for trekking and walks into the nature.


Nestled in the Alto Grada Bresciano Park, Sermerio is an off-the-beaten-path destination ideal to enjoy naturalistic and landscape excursions, in addition to the many outdoor activities, for instance mountain bike, not far you can join the well known Tremalzo Bike Trail


Delightful hamlet at the foot of Monte Cocca offers splendid mountain landscapes and a small but very evocative historic center. In the surroundings there are trails that will take you to high altitudes between
unspoiled nature and mountain huts.


An ideal destination for those looking for the right balance between an active holiday and relaxation. Vesio is one of the most populated hamlets of Tremosine and the one further north, excellent starting point for excursions in the high mountains.


A picturesque village, which enchants for its simplicity and its romantic charm. Walking through the alleys, lingering in the square, photographing the beautiful flowery corners is evocative and engaging.


This great location offers a stunning view of Lake Garda and Monte Baldo. Favorite destination for tennis players, there are in fact several tennis courts facilities surrounded by a unique nature environment.


Lovely village often chosen as a holiday resort for its proximity to the lake and at the same time to the mountains. The quiet and the wide view of the lake will catch your heart.


Small hamlet on the slopes of Monte Bestone. Bassanega lies a few kilometers from the beaches of Lake Garda and from the most stunning suspended cycle/pedestrian
path in Europe.


Located between Pieve and Vesio, Priezzo has the charm of a quiet mountain village and it is surrounded by a wonderful natural landscape. Not far from Lake Garda, like the whole area, it offers landscape, cultural, gastronomic
and sports itineraries.


A tiny village nestled between the mountains and Lake Garda. A small treasure chest where ancient and modern blend
in perfect harmony.


Overlooking Lake Garda, it is a quiet and romantic village that preserve the peculiar features of an ancient hamlet.
Worth a visit if you like hidden spot.


Located on a hill, it offers an enchanting view of Lake Garda and Tremosine.
Awesome landscape and naturalistic itineraries.
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